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At Eric Hood Painting health and safety is not just an afterthought; it’s integral to everything we do.

Each member of our team considers health and safety at every stage of your project—from quotation to delivery, and from Apprentices to the Chief Executive Officer.

Our commitment to health and safety is demonstrated through mature safety systems applied to EVERY commercial painting project we undertake.

Eric Hood Painting employs an in-house, tertiary trained Safety Professional to ensure the continuous improvement of our systems. When combined with the experience of our workers, this means safety solutions that not only meet statutory requirements but also protect our workers, our clients, and site visitors.

Our Safety Professional regularly attends Continuing Professional Development to maintain currency with developments in the health and safety industry. 

The continuous improvement of our mature safety systems is centered around our team. We facilitate a people-oriented process which extends beyond the traditional ‘tick and flick’ approach.


“I am passionate about workplace health and safety and prescribe a work- as- done rather than a work-as-imagined philosophy to harness the experience and expertise of our workers to ensure the co-operation vital to providing and maintaining a safe workplace.”

Melanie Hood, Grad Dip OHS

Safety Manager

Eric Hood Painting is committed to carrying out all work with:
A positive working relationship with the local government
No environmental or safety incidents
Minimal impact on local activities
No public complaints
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